Six Tips for Saving Money on Travel by Renting a RV

Renting a recreational vehicle is a great way to save money when traveling through the United States. It allows you to go anywhere you wish and take your food and a place to sleep with you so you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on hotels or restaurant food. In addition, there are many ways to save money while traveling in an RV by using these six tips.

Plan Longer Stays

When you visit campgrounds, many of them offer discounts for longer stays, so plan a week-long stay instead of only staying for the weekend. When going online to find RV parks and campgrounds on your route, go to each website to look for discounts and special offers with which you can save money.

Buy Memberships

Before heading out in a rented RV, go online to check for camping memberships offering discounts for stays at RV parks. Some memberships offer up to 50% off stays, while others also offer discounts on gas and purchases at national RV stores. The membership costs are nominal, but they can help you save hundreds of dollars.

Pick the Right Size

Although comfort is very important when traveling by RV, you don’t want to select a vehicle that is too hard to drive. If you’ve never rented an RV before, then consider mini RV rentals if there are just two or three people on the trip. Mini RVs have virtually everything you need for a trip and if you book stays in RV parks, you will have access to shower and bathroom facilities for maintaining personal hygiene.

Drive at 55

To save money on fuel, don’t be in a hurry to get where you’re going. Instead of driving the maximum speed limit, slow down to 55 mph, which on most highways is still within the legal speed limit. Studies have shown that driving 55 mph reduces fuel consumption, so it will cost less and you will get further when the tank is full.

Pack Food

Eating out is expensive, especially on the road where restaurants are sometimes few and far between. Stocking the cabinets with canned and dry food for meals and snacks will allow you to save hundreds of dollars. Since you’ll also have a small fridge, you can also take fresh healthy foods to avoid eating fast food on the road.

Don’t Forget Insurance

While some auto insurance policies will cover rental vehicles, double check to make sure an RV would be covered. If not, purchase a temporary policy to cover your trip in case anything happens on the road. The rental agency will cover most mechanical issues and replace the vehicle if necessary but they don’t usually cover fender benders or more serious accidents.

Renting an RV is a good way to see the US with a spouse, family, or friends. It helps save money on lodging and food because those amenities are with you wherever you go. By using these tips, you can save even more money on stays in campgrounds and on fuel while traveling the country.