Reasons to Stay in a Budget Hotel

Frequent travellers generally abide by a few rules that help make travelling fun for them. One of the main rules that you should follow, when travelling, is to make a budget for the total expenditure that you can afford to incur on the trip. It’s important that you decide how much money you can afford to spend before embarking on your journey. When budgeting for a trip, most people are generally careful to ensure that a larger portion of the budget is spent on travelling and exploring, rather than staying in a hotel. Of course, if you are rich enough and can afford to stay in a luxury hotel, budgeting wouldn’t really be an issue.

However, there are many reasons why you should stay within a budget. For people travelling to Malaysia and looking to explore this beautiful country, you should search for a budget hotel nearby Legoland Johor Bahru. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should stay in a budget hotel.

Frees Up More Money to Spend on Travelling

If you are visiting another country, would you really want to stay locked up in a luxury hotel, or would you rather go exploring and see all of the beautiful sites that Malaysia has to offer? The Danga Bay is a gorgeous tourist location, and there are many places to visit and sights to see. Most people don’t really care about where they stay as long as the place has decent ventilation, a comfortable bed, and internet connectivity. Since most of your day will be spent out exploring, you don’t really need to pay such a high premium for staying in a luxury hotel. Staying in a budget hotel will free up a considerable amount of your travelling budget, allowing you to spend more money on experiences in Malaysia. It will make your whole trip a great deal more fun.

Little Value

For frequent travellers, paying a premium for staying in a luxury hotel offers little to no value, whatsoever. Because you will be going out for experiences, would you really want to stay in the hotel and eat all of the luxury foods that they have to offer? In most cases, the answer is a firm negative. Frequent travellers like eating at reputable restaurants, or even from roadside stalls, in order to get a taste of foreign cuisine. It’s unlikely that you would want to pay such a high premium for simple amenities, like going swimming or eating different foods served in your room, when you can go out and enjoy a nice, hearty meal with the locals!


Most budget hotels are generally small, and are located in pretty central locations. If you want to save money on your travelling within the city, making a booking at a hotel in a centralised location is a great idea. You will be able to visit nearby attractions using public transport, or just by walking. It’s a fantastic idea by all standards!