How to celebrate your Marriage Anniversary

Your marriage anniversary is a special day for all couples and deserves a much better celebration than just a simple dinner out. Here are some interesting ideas to spice up your anniversary day and make it memorable.

1. Plan Lifetime Trip

Plan a trip to a place where your partner had always wished to go and let his/her dream come true. Make all arrangements in advance. Your partner should feel special not because you have arranged this lifetime trip but because you remembered and waited for proper time to fulfill the desire. Click many pictures to record the happy moments and relive them when you are back to your everyday routine life.  Check out tour packages for your trip at Goibibo website.

2. Hot Balloon Trip

Flights in hot air balloon are a romantic way of spending time and seeing surrounding area from totally new perspective. They are available in two flavors: sunset balloon flight and sunrise flight. You should select sunset flight for raw romantic appeal and relive the romance of your marriage day.

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3. Honeymoon Package

You should search for a nice honeymoon package and gift it to your partner.  A nanny could be hired for some days to handle the kids or your children may be left with their grandparents. Only two of you should be going because you deserve to spend some quality time together.

4. Couple Spa

Instead of a visit to a resort and rushing to see everything in few days, try spa vacation. It is a complete holiday idea that has been designed to relax and revitalize. Spa vacations offer fun, pampering relaxation, management of stress and balanced and healthy eating. When you return, you would feel fully renewed and rested.

5. Romantic Dinner

You could organize romantic dinner at your or your partner’s favorite restaurant but you might have visited it number of times earlier. Try spending time at new places and this might surprise your partner. Preferably select a restaurant at a beach. Ensure that selected restaurant is not too far away and weather is suitable for outside dinner.

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6. Do something Your Partner Loves

Do something your partner loves or is crazy about and share happiness that it brings, even if you do not enjoy that activity. For the anniversary gift, you should pay for required lessons and materials. Join in enjoying the fun or cheer the partner from sidelines.

7. Renew your Vows

Light candle, look into eyes of each other and reaffirm love and devotion to each other. This is a nice way of honoring the spouse and the commitment.

8. Drive-in Movie Time

Big yard could be perfect place to sneak out as none could imagine that you would be spending such important event of your life there in unromantic manner. You could set projector and small screen in the yard. Pull up the car and have popcorn, candy and food stocked. Switch off cellular, leave children with relatives and now get in your car.

9. Go on Cruise

It would be dream come true to go on cruise with your partner. Plan it in advance so that you get good deal. This would be a very romantic idea to spend time together this way.

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10. View Your Wedding Video

You could spend time together seeing your videos and the wedding albums and recollect the big day. Have popcorn, cuddle on sofa and recollect your wedding watching videos and your albums.